Can You Really Get The Spy Software App For Free?

Welcome to my site SniperSpy Free, while I do address this in other posts, I have looked around online and I would say you need to be careful of anyone who says you can download Sniper Spy for free to either their PC or MAC computer. You can run into a number of problems, viruses, etc…they do sometimes have trial versions…and if they do offer free trials again I will make sure they are available here on this site. Why would Retina Studios LLC give away their software for free anyway? They don’t.



Take a Look at SniperSpy Now!

What I have found and do recommend you take a look at is the SniperSpy Free Demo that they offer which shows off the features found in their software and gives you a great idea of what you can get your hands on.

My Review on This Spy Monitoring Software

I have read through a number of SniperSpy Reviews and have been happy with what I have found. Here are a few testimonials too that I thought were worth sharing:

“I have been using SniperSpy very successfully to monitor my desktop computer which my son uses. It’s a great product!”
Bob, a USA user

“Sniper Spy gave me the confirmation I needed to get the proof.”
USA User – Name omitted by request

“The sniper program is working well totally invisible and does not bog the system or present a key lag. I am using this only because we have TEENS in the house all with exceptionally traumatic pasts so wife and I decided we needed to monitor things. I really like the website logging and chat logging.”
Steve, a USA user

SniperSpys’ Support

Overall, I too went through the SniperSpy site and they provide a lot of great documentation along with the ability to reach them by phone for support. I actually have communicated to them by email and phone and was happy in getting questions I had answered in timely manner. I can’t say the same for other companies that I have tried to reach before and for whatever reason have never heard back from them. So, I like their customer support, the documentation too for SniperSpy is excellent…more so than most products for this similar category of remote monitoring software.


I would say too that the cost for SniperSpy is actually fairly low given that you have access to a great number of powerful features that are at your disposal. Depending on what you want to do you can monitor activity of almost anything on one or more remote computers…and even send commands to the remote computer to shut it down or restart it. Some of the features you will find in the software include real time monitoring of the Web activity, Facebook monitoring, recording of Chat or Instant Message conversations, recognition of movement of files, audio and video surveillance, and more. You can also have these items logged and then sent to you via email if you want.

SniperSpy Free Demo Software Screen 1

Other Features of  This Spy Software Worth Noting

Other features that are great to have include being able to look at files or pictures on the remote computer, locking down the remote computer to allow only certain apps that can be shown, blocking websites, and many more features that can be all controlled through a secure control panel. For those who have businesses too you can get licenses to monitor multiple computers all through one account.

Again, while you will not find sniperspy free to download without eventually paying for it, unless you are willing to take on possible viruses or Trojans from outside sites, this is a one of a kind remote monitoring software backed by a good company that I believe is worth the price to be able to protect your children from deviant sources on the internet, mischievous employees, or relationships that may have gone astray. The ability to know what’s going on can be cheaper than paying someone to find out this information for you or simply always having to wonder what’s going on. Because if you did know then you can use the filters the SniperSpy software now has to block much of the activity going on. Now you have the chance to know.


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