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Can You Really Get a SniperSpy Free Download?

Welcome to my site SniperSpy Free, while I do address this in other posts, I have looked around online and I would say you need to be careful of anyone who says you can download SniperSpy for free to either their PC or MAC computer. You can run into a number of problems, viruses, etc…they do sometimes have trial versions…and if they do offer free trials again I will make sure they are available here on this site. Why would Retina Studios LLC give away their software for free anyway? They don’t.


What I have found and do recommend you take a look at is the SniperSpy Free Demo that they offer which shows off the features found in their software and gives you a great idea of what you can get your hands on.

My SniperSpy Review

I have read through a number of SniperSpy Reviews and have been happy with what I have found. Here are a few testimonials too that I thought were worth sharing:

“I have been using SniperSpy very successfully to monitor my desktop computer which my son uses. It’s a great product!”
Bob, a USA user

“Sniper Spy gave me the confirmation I needed to get the proof.”
USA User – Name omitted by request

“The sniper program is working well totally invisible and does not bog the system or present a key lag. I am using this only because we have TEENS in the house all with exceptionally traumatic pasts so wife and I decided we needed to monitor things. I really like the website logging and chat logging.”
Steve, a USA user


SniperSpy Support

Overall, I too went through the SniperSpy site and they provide a lot of great documentation along with the ability to reach them by phone for support. I actually have communicated to them by email and phone and was happy in getting questions I had answered in timely manner. I can’t say the same for other companies that I have tried to reach before and for whatever reason have never heard back from them. So, I like their customer support, the documentation too for SniperSpy is excellent…more so than most products for this similar category of remote monitoring software.

SniperSpy Cost

I would say too that the cost for SniperSpy is actually fairly low given that you have access to a great number of powerful features that are at your disposal. Depending on what you want to do you can monitor activity of almost anything on one or more remote computers…and even send commands to the remote computer to shut it down or restart it. Some of the features you will find in SniperSpy include real time monitoring of the Web activity, Facebook monitoring, recording of Chat or Instant Message conversations, recognition of movement of files, audio and video surveillance, and more. You can also have these items logged and then sent to you via email if you want.

SniperSpy Free Demo Software Screen 1

Other Features of SniperSpy Worth Noting

Other features that are great to have include being able to look at files or pictures on the remote computer, locking down the remote computer to allow only certain apps that can be shown, blocking websites, and many more features that can be all controlled through a secure control panel. For those who have businesses too you can get licenses to monitor multiple computers all through one account.

Again, while you will not find SniperSpy free to download, unless you are willing to take on possible viruses or Trojans from outside sites, this is a one of a kind remote monitoring software backed by a good company that I believe is worth the price to be able to protect your children from deviant sources on the internet, mischievous employees, or relationships that may have gone astray. The ability to know what’s going on can be cheaper than paying someone to find out this information for you or simply always having to wonder what’s going on. Because if you did know then you can use the filters the SniperSpy software now has to block much of the activity going on. Now you have the chance to know.


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SniperSpy – Available for Use on PC and Mac Computers

SniperSpy Free - Monitor Your Child OnlineWhile I have said before that you cannot get SniperSpy Free, they do though have a demo you can check out on their site and when you first signup with SniperSpy you can get a 7-day free trial where you can download the SniperSpy software from and test it out (Note, this is not always available). I would be cautious of downloading the software from other places other than from the source which you can find here.

SniperSpy is more than just an internet tracking software, it practically let’s you do everything as if you were at the computer and it can be used on both the Windows and Mac Platforms.

SniperSpy System Requirements:

Computer Processing Necessary:
AMD 433mhz or Pentium or something better, with at least 512MB of RAM with 1GB of RAM being recommended.

SniperSpy Can be run on the following PC Operating Systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Vista
  • Window 7
  • Windows 8

Snipper Spy is also available for the Mac OS X which you can find here.

You will need roughly 50MB of free disk space for the SniperSpy software installation.

Internet Connection Requirements:
SniperSpy can run on Dial-up that 56K or on a high speed internet connection (Of course a higher
speed is recommeneded for this).

These MAC Operating Systems Can Use SniperSpy:

  • Mac OS X v.10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Mac OS X v10.7 Lion
  • Mac OS X v10.6 Sno Leopard
  • RAM – 512 M (with 1 GB RAM being recommended)
  • They also say it supports 32-bit Apple Mac Os X.

One other important point to mention. If you are looking to run SniperSpy on multiple computers, which they do now support, you will need to get licenses for those additional computers…though can all still be easily managed with one account. A plus too with this is that you can swap the usage of a license to monitor a different computer if you wish to.

Feel free to learn more about the feature that SniperSpy has to offer, there are quite a few, and even check out the SniperSpy Free Demo.

They have a lot of great support and documentation which you don’t usually see with other products which is a big plus in my view.


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Setting Up The SniperSpy Software

Well, if you have already braved it out and read through my long list of really great features that are available with SniperSpy I can say the ability to setup SniperSpy software is quite simple. If you have just visited this site, while you cannot download SniperSpy free here, I do recommend that you checkout the free SniperSpy Demo that gives you a great way to play with the software without having to do install anything at all on your computers.

With that said, let’s get to how to do a remote setup of SniperSpy…

There are 5 Easy Steps:

1) When you purchase Sniper Spy you will get a registration code – this will arrive by email.
2) Click on the link in the email to register your account with your email and a password that you create
3) Next, login to SniperSpy and go to ‘My Computer’ at the top and then click ‘Add License’ to add your registration key
4) You can then Download or Install the Software. Logged in you click from the top menu ‘Download’ and select ‘Remote Installer Module’.
5) That’s it really….you can monitor the remote computer once the module that was created and sent/installed on the remote computer

Note, one of the things that I really like about SniperSpy are all of the notes, documentation, and support they have available. So, if you do ever run into an issue there is a good chance you will figure things out rather quickly.

Just to be clear on the terminology they use, Module is the term they use for the program that is created and is then installed on the remote computer to be able to monitor it. This software can be sent in a number of formats: .zip, .rar, or .7z

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A More Indepth Look at the SniperSpy Remote Monitoring Features

Okay, in this post I’m going to describe in greater detail all of the Features that SniperSpy has to offer. I do recommend that you try out the SniperSpy Free Demo here and to become more acquainted with all of the features available at your disposal.

So, the features for the PC I will outline in this post…for those interested in the MAC features you can glance over the features below, which most are included in the MAC version or just go here and click on the tab on the top that says ‘Features’ and on the left hand side you will see where to find all of the ‘MAC Features’.

To recap from a broader perspective the SniperSpy features are grouped into different areas relating to: logging activity, providing live remote pc monitoring, (or remote Mac monitoring), filtering content (with New features here), and even more features that the SniperSpy group simply named ‘other features’.

SniperSpy Keylogger

SniperSpy Logging of Remote Computer Activity

  • Get Screenshots – these are providing as full size jpg images of the active window on the remote computer
  • Recording Sound – you can now have SniperSpy obtain audio recordings that can sent via the web portal to you
  • See Websites Visited – this includes capturing the URL of the website visited along with the title of the webpage. This feature works on the two largest used browsers currently used: Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Obtain Keystrokes no matter what language – This may be equivalent to a SniperSpy Keylogger feature that will capture key strokes that are entered within any window on the computer and includes capture of passwords used.
  • Logging Facebook Activity – Here you can see what activity someone might be doing within facebook that includes obtaining screenshots, where the user visited, and keystrokes that were done.
  • MySpace Logging Activity – Similar to Facebook it does the same function of getting computer screenshots, where the visitor went to, and keystrokes too.
  • Log Clipboard Copying
  • Log Activity of the User – such as when they logged on or off and when find capute the time of when the computer was shut down.
  • Alerts on Profanity – Will log are profanity
  • Location Mapping – This feature will let you know the IP address to let you know where the PC is on a map
  • Chat Activity – Capture both sides of the chat conversation with SniperSpy – this can be used with IM (Instant Messengers) such as Yahoo, Google Talk, Windows Talk etc…
  • See Applications Executed – Get the full path and username for each executed application on the remote computer
  • Application Session Time – See how long application were used for by having access to the start and stop time of the application used.
  • File Uploads – every document, file change, or even a picture is uploaded so you can see what was looked at
  • File and Folder Changes – If a file or folder has some time of change the action is recorded and the full path on how to get to it is provided
  • Email Reporting – tailor what you want of the logs available and have SniperSpy send them to you via email. You can choose too how often to have them sent.
  • Archive Logging – now you can also have logs archived and downloaded. Formats supported for download include pds, xls, and csv.

So, yes as you can see there are quite a few features just within logging. The best thing to do is just look at the ones you need and if you do need the other functionality later you can have it ready for use. Now let’s take a look more closely at the live monitoring that you get with SniperSpy.

SniperSpy Remote Monitoring Software for Websites

SniperSpys’ Live Remote Monitoring Software Features

  • View the Remote Screen – Not only can you see the remote screen though also you can view it in real time.
  • SniperSpy Keystrokes Shown – See without the remote user knowing every keystroke they are doing. This may be considered to some as a SniperSpy Keylogger, though not officially named this by the company.
  • Webcam Capability – Get a snapshot to see who is at the computer
  • Search Remote Files – Stealthily look at the whole file system for the remote computer and download any files that you want to look closer at
  • See Active Processes – Get a list of what computer processes are running on the remote computer and kill or stop the ones you want to shut down for instance a certain application.
  • Ability to Start Application or Go to a Website address – I believe this is self explanatory
  • Choose to Send a Message to the User – You can provide a discreet message from the administrator to alert the user at any time with your message
  • Choose to Start, Shutdown, or Logoff a user – These again are remote commands that can provide this control over the remote computer which can be useful
  • Remove Desktop Icons – If you don’t want to show certain desktop icons you can choose to hide them
  • Remove the Taskbar – Allows you to hide the taskbar on the remote computer
  • See Bookmarks – If you are interested in looking at what bookmarks the remote computer has…you can do that too.
  • Go through Uploaded Files – Look over what files have been uploaded and have the ability if you so wish to download and inspect them.
  • Look over Recent Documents – In the recent history of opened documents you can get a quick view of what documents have been looked at by the user(s) of the remote computer.
  • See Real Time Activity – Watch events as they unfold, what applications are being opened, closed, or even changed.

Again, you can see with just what features we have gone over that there are a number of great features that you can use and what is nice the ability to have logs emailed to you versus you having to log in to always see what is going on. Now, let’s take a look at the features that filter content.

SniperSpy Remote Monitoring Software


Filtering Content Using SniperSpy

  • Application Filtering – Here you can choose to allow or deny certain apps from being used
  • Web Filtering – This specific feature in SniperSpy allows you to allow or deny websites from being seen
  • Filter Chat Conversations – SniperSpy will allow you to block a number of Instant Messengers with this feature.
  • Filter Social Media – If you want you can choose stop social network sites from being accessed on the remote computer.
  • Time Restriction – Choose when the remote user can and cannot use the remote computer

Now, I will be going over what the people at SniperSpy refer to as ‘Other Features’ with a few new features that showed up in SniperSpy 8.0

SniperSpy Free Demo - Control Console

A Look at SniperSpys ‘Other Features’

  • Secured Connection – SniperSpy uses the HTTPS protocol, which provides for a secure internet connection.
  • Monitor Multiple Computers – This is one of the new Sniper 8.0 features that allows you to watch over many remote computers from one account.  Note, if you will monitor multiple computers you will need to get licenses for each one.
  • Security Setting Choices – Here you could choose to block the task manager, registry editor, etc….so that no one can compromise your computer – this feature is new in SniperSpy 8.0
  • Monitor the Local Interface
  • Remote Install – As discussed this means you can send a small file to the remote computer to gain access to the remote computer
  • Local Installation – Of course, you can always install it too if you are at the computer and this can be done from the web portal. I will discuss how to do a SniperSpy installation here.
  • Remote Alerts – You can choose to have the remote user notified or not that they are being watched.
  • System Information – Need to know CPU Class, Memory Status, etc…that’s provided.
  • 10 Graph Reports – See the Top 10 most accessed URLs, apps, etc…
  • Enhanced Log Viewing – Logs pages as thumbnails for easier viewing
  • Log Searching – This handy feature lets you find specific words quickly in searching through logs
  • Filter the Remote User – Search by specific user or users for additional information
  • Uninstall Remotely – If you ever need or want to end SniperSpy on a particular remote computer you can easily uninstall it.

So, there you have it. There are quite a few features that you get with this remote computer monitoring software and so many uses that you can apply it to.



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An Overview of What You Can Do With SniperSpy

SniperSpy SoftwareIn this particular post I will provide an overview of what SniperSpy can do and will elaborate further in another post when I go over in more indepth what features that SniperSpy offers. If you are interested in learning how to use SniperSpy I would recommend trying the SniperSpy Free Demo that you can find on their site here. In any event, what I do want to tell you is that the evolution of the software to monitor computer systems remotely is quite comprehensive. So, depending on your needs on how you wish to monitor a remote computer…SniperSpy can greatly help out…just don’t lost in all of the functionality.

Okay let’s go through what you can do with SniperSpy…

SniperSpy Capabilities

The main SniperSpy features that you will find are:

  • Activity Logging
  • Live Monitoring
  • Content Filtering
  • And Even More Features – Some are ‘New’ and so you need to be aware of these that might be of use to you.

Also, if you are using the MAC computer, SniperSpy has a similarly comprehensive grouping of features you can use.  To learn more specifically about what the different features are click here.

SniperSpy and Firewalls

What is interesting too is that SniperSpy provides for a way to get past a standalone firewall and allow for stealth monitoring of one or more remote computers. While most firewalls will alert a computer user that there is strange activity occurring on the computer SniperSpy uses methods to avoid these alerts. Moreover, you can remotely have the software installed, monitored, and you can also send remote commands to the computer too.

SniperSpy Graphical Screen Captures

Other features that SniperSpy provides are images of the data collected including obtaining up to 100 screen shots that can be stored. Note, if you need more screen shots to be stored they do have upgrades for that. It seems they are still working on providing additional functionality which is a good sign that the software will be continually supported and be available for years to come. Unlike software that may become obsolete over time.

SniperSpy Offers a Secure Connection

One other item that I wanted to mention is that SniperSpy has a control panel that you connect to through a secure https connection whenever and wherever you want…so there is no limiting factor, such as having to connect from a specific location/IP address that the software is registered too.

If you would like to learn more about the specific features that SniperSpy has you can check out how to use SniperSpy Features here.

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With The SniperSpy Free Demo

SniperSpy Free Img

My Overall Thoughts On The Remote Spy Software – SniperSpy

SniperSpy which allows for remote pc monitoring and mac monitoring too is a popular software
that has a number of good reviews that I have seen. Of course, while it would be nice to get SniperSpy Free, you are getting quite a bit for the low cost that this remote spy software provides.

As I can see many people enjoying the great features that this software offers at your finger tips. You can now rest assured if you have teens or kids online that you can now know what they are up to…and to make sure they are not in harms way. At the same time as I mentioned before companies are taking advantage of SniperSpy because not only does it allow you to remotely monitor employees, it also allows you to document the activity so that there is no question of what activity is going on while you might be away.

SniperSpy is a Top Rated Computer Monitoring Software

If you are suspicious that something might be going on…again, this software provides the proof that you need to be in the KNOW. SniperSpy is from what I can tell a great product that is listed with the BBB with an A+ rating…which may not see other software programs have. This is not just a software solution though, SniperSpy is backed by a business that continually looks to fine tune and offer additional features that have been requested.

You can find SniperSpy, considered by some as the best spy software around, being advertised or discussed in several places too including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek to name a few. They offer support 7 days a week and even have a way for those who like chat support to do so online. Also, check out the SniperSpy free demo they have available on their site to see more than I can just explain here.

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A Look at SniperSpy

Just to get this out of the way….if you are tempted by any offers a SniperSpy free download….Watch Out if you see SniperSpy Free Ads! You have to be very careful of these sites that promise that you can download Sniper Spy for free and I would be concerned of viruses, etc..You will also find a few sites that may allow you download SniperSpy too for like an hour or so…though you can just as well not risk the download and instead use their free SniperSpy demo.  You can now read more about about this remote monitoring software in my SniperSpy review.


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In a nutshell, SniperSpy offers a remote spy software solution that can be used on both Windows and Mac OS Platforms and offers a number of features with live screenshots and even shows keystrokes.  It also provides the ability to filter or block out websites that you may wish to prohibit, monitoring of chat and social media, and also gives you the capability to send remote commands that the remote computer user would not notice.

Now you can verify the exact features available depending on if you are using the Windows or Mac Platform though here is a quick list of features that you can find in SniperSpy.

  • View the Live Screen of the Remote Computer
  • See Keystrokes as they happen
  • Download Remote Files of Interest
  • Review the Chat History, eg. ICQ or Yahoo! Instant Messenger
  • Setup Profanity Alerts
  • Find out Documents that were opened
  • See what websites were visited
  • Block/Permit certain content from being viewed online
  • Watch Facebook activity
  • Look at the computer logs from wherever you are
  • Can remotely install SniperSpy
  • SniperSpy also runs in stealth mode
  • Want to know the applications being used or instant messages being sent – now you can
  • How about monitoring audio surrounds.  Yes, you can do this too.
  • Send Remote commands to view or kill a process and more.
  • There are a number of other things you can do too that make it practically as if you are right there at the computer.

The real time monitoring that SniperSpy offers can be beneficial for families that may wish to monitor what your teen might be doing online.

This can also be helpful in making sure that nothing bad is happening and being able to protect your kids from unwanted communication from a stranger.  Also, SniperSpy can be used a working environment to monitor employees to make sure they are abiding by company policies and that they are not engaging in activities that could have detrimental effects to the company. Get the SniperSpy Download below:


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Even Try Out the SniperSpy Free Online Demo